About Us

At Jump, we love the creativity and passion of independent game developers. We believe that a lot of the industry’s original thinking and innovation comes from nimble, risk-taking developers who think outside the box.

Jump provides a one-of-a-kind game discovery service for gamers to play these award-winning and critically acclaimed creations. We want you to discover entertaining original content, tailored to your game preferences, and to find other gems that you didn’t otherwise know you would enjoy.

Play as much as you want. Whenever you want.

Team Jump is a motley crew of game and software developers and industry veterans who have experienced first-hand the challenges of developing and publishing games, and getting those games into the hands of as many gamers as possible. We want creative and original games to be played and loved, not buried and lost.

Let’s face it. A lot of great games can go completely undiscovered and unplayed to a vast majority of gamers. Other times, people hear about great games but forget about them because of their busy lives or limited budgets.

We’re changing all of that for gamers. Our goal is to surface the best game content for gamers while providing ongoing revenue for the developers who work endless caffeine-fueled months or even years to bring these great games to life. Every minute you spend playing games on Jump, you are directly supporting these independent game developers and their creations.

So jump in, discover & play.

– Team Jump